Oxbridge Innovative Solution


Oxbridge Innovative Solution are working towards improving the standard of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) subjects in Pakistan by providing students with the necessary hands-on experience while never leaving the confines of the national curriculum. Our vision is to incorporate STEAM intensive curriculum in primary and secondary schools of Pakistan. The STEAM intensive curriculum comprises of extensive hands-on, constructionist, immersive sessions suited to the learning capability and progress of an individual student.

Business Objectives

Strategy Adopted:

Before adopting a strategy or an approach, the company did research to develop its insights about the emerging highly competitive, technology driven STEAM Education market in Pakistan.

The company formulated following strategies to transform the brand popularity and drive its sales after observing its research: The company had selected Facebook and Instagram platforms to mark its presence on social media and hired an employee for Social media role for building and nurturing its audiences.

It focused on integrating its programs on social media and product launches events for effective engagement of the audience through vibrant and youthful activities and contents Tried to gain maximum strategic advantage and competitiveness with its two major attributes – quality and stylish looks.

Generated widespread awareness and social media engagement through series of contests, quizzes and crowd sourced content Collaborated with school and college-level ground activities. Rewarded the winners of the different contests with merchandise.

Adopted the most effective content strategy by engaging audience and through sharing of photo and video contests through a Facebook app and by running online campaigns.

Results Achieved

  • The following are the major results achieved by the company in its STEAM segment.
  • The marketing team fulfilled the sales target of ‘Chotey Karsaz’ within three days of its launch.
  • Oxbridge Innovative Solution’s fan base was dramatically increased from 5000 to over 40,000 within 12 months of its presence on Facebook.
  • The brand was recognized as the most favorite youth education brand in Pakistan.
  • Oxbridge Innovative Solution reached 3 million customers before the completion of its first year of managed Facebook campaign.
  • On an average the brand added more than 400 fans every day on its Facebook page.