Transportaion Company



Ridepal wanted a new website. Customers and transportation partners judge the quality of the business based upon the attractiveness of the website. While it is important to not judge a book by its cover, it takes more time to research than to just judge and move on. Destination was introduced to Ridepal and purchased one of our custom design packages. Following the Ridepal project exploration process we began identifying the needs of Ridepal.

People are often limited by our life experiences in imagining what is possible. Additional needs were identified through our process. Setting up new transportation partners required a contracting process, where as pdf was forwarded to them. The form could be filled out electronically, but not every field was required, in turn,Ridepal had to go through every contract to verify all the right information was completed accurately.



Ridepal approached us to redesign their business website. Though they were having a website, it was not bringing enough conversions despite the huge website traffic. They wanted us to design the website from the scratch that would not only represent their business to the best but would also incite the visitors to make a purchase.

Our strategy included three main components: influencer outreach, social media interaction, and content. We began our work with initial on-site SEO work (title tags, meta descriptions, h1 text, content optimization, canonical URL’s, etc.) and influencer outreach. Almost all of the traffic and software downloads at the beginning came from our outreach efforts. Through the next year we continued to build their content while working to build links from relevant influencers. We also maint


As a result of our sincere and dedicated efforts, we delivered Ridepal a website that was not only good inappearance but also had an amazing functionality to let the visitors find what they look for. The responsive design, fast loading and easy navigation options worked great to bring new customers.We also offered them full control over their website i.e. for managing content, adding and removing items, and more. Now, they have experienced significant growth in their conversions through the newly designed website and the greater ROI is the proof of that.

The results below are of Ridepal quarter over quarter traffic under Inov8lab:

  1. Ridepal received an attractive website that builds trust with both customers and transportation partners.
  2. Ridepal was able to set up the website so the contract used conditional logic. What this meant for them was the form would change on the fly requiring only the correct information every time.
  3. The client was able to sign the contract with their mouse from a desktop or with their finger from their phone for increased security and validation compared to typing in their name with the prior pdf.
  4. Ultimately, this saved time for Ridepal team members not having to verify they have all the right information completed, but also a new transportation partner having to fill out only the pertinent information they needed.
  5. The completed contract now shows up in their mailbox to file in the correct folder.
  6. We can look at this as either a cost savings or enabling the team to spend more time growing the business, either way it is a huge win.
  7. From a time savings standpoint, about 45 minutes per contract.
  8. The transportation partnerships are being set up at a rate of 50+ every single week.
  9. At an employee hourly rate of ~$20 per hour, and 45 minutes per contract this is around $750 saved every week.
  10. If we multiply this across working weeks in a year, the result is about $37,500 per year.