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Marco Institute


The Marco Institute for Medieval and Renaissance Studies evolved in the early 2000s out of the long-standing interdisciplinary program in Medieval and Renaissance Studies at the University of Tennessee. Prior to the establishment of the Institute, the university already had an impressive record of attracting accomplished scholars in this field and building important library collections. The Institute’s creation provided a physical and academic center for these efforts in scholarship, education, outreach, and faculty and student development.


Why they came to us

It is no surprise that the Marco Institute company culture reflects the same values as mindfulness, perseverance, gratitude, and empathy. The Head of Marketing is pretty familiar with the cold pitch email. Like most of us, when he receives unsolicited emails, he typically deletes them. But the cold pitch email from Inov8lab caught his attention for one specific reason: our culture.

Marco Institute is still a relatively small, nimble startup, so every hire they make needs to be strategic; when they first engaged with Inov8lab, an internal SEO specialist didn’t make sense. To an extent, it still doesn’t. With Inov8lab, client have a dedicated SEO team that is continuously evaluating the SEO strategy to help them get better results. Plus, Inov8lab unspoken value-add is that we leverage our extensive and ever-increasing knowledge of SEO to improve the client’s campaign.

Taking Control

The first step Inov8lab took to get Marco Institute online marketing back on track was to conduct an in-depth audit of their existing strategies, and to explain how to improve it in a way that made sense to them. Their management team were also impressed by the fact they didn’t have to sign any contracts with us, and could part ways at any time if they felt we weren’t providing value to their online marketing efforts.

What we achieved with

Marco Institute is a perfect example of how Inov8lab can make a startup or small company stand out. Inov8lab led Marco Institute. SEO growth to deliver over 1,000% growth which puts them lightyears ahead of their competition. Thanks to Inov8lab ,Marco Institute can retain their “small team, big results” mentality while executing a behemoth marketing campaign.

Year-over-year, Marco Institute skyrocketed in sitewide organic traffic. Sure, 80% might not sound like something to brag about but when that percentage is based on an increase from 22,515 visits to 40,527 we think it’s worth celebrating!

Future Growth

Conversion rates are steadily improving for Marco Institute, and the quality of their traffic is better since Inov8lab began managing their AdWords and SEO.

Management at Marco Institute are impressed with the improvements in their marketing, and plan to continue using Inov8lab to manage their campaigns in the future.

They’re currently focusing on making changes to their website, and have asked us to help them:

  • Improve appearance
  • Make the website more noticeable
  • Improve call-to-actions
  • Fix broken links
  • Optimize mobile response times