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Saiqa Majeed Company wanted a new website that would help them broaden their customer base. Locals already know and trust the Saiqa Majeed Family brand—the brand is in the category of eastern dresses and fashion industry and its head office is based in the UK.

Saiqa Majeed Company wanted the new site to communicate quality and reliability to a wider audience and convert those new leads into e-commerce customers.

Strategy: A customized e-commerce shop with powerful conversion and content strategies.

First, the team dug deeper into the true benefits their products provide their customers. The new Saiqa Majeed online store allows shoppers anywhere in the country to order eastern dresses, for overnight delivery.

We knew that the new site had to convey Saiqa Majeed’s reputation for quality dress and tell their unique story. The company’s rich heritage and history in the community had to be communicated in a way that would reinforce a perception of quality and fashion, and position

Saiqa Majeed as a trusted leader in the eastern wear industry. Saiqa Majeed also took a look at the more logistical aspects of survey delivery, such as delivery method and timing. This ensured that their audience would receive the surveys on the optimal channel (in this case, email) at a time in which they were most likely to respond.

True to the mission of increasing the audience for Saiqa Majeed , Inov8lab developed a lead conversion strategy that would generate sales through call-to-action prompts and a rich, seamless user experience.

Saiqa Majeed needed an e-commerce store that could ensure the timely delivery and accuracy of their products. Inov8lab worked with Saiqa Majeed to build an ecommerce solution with OpenCart that could accommodate inventory issues, payment processor options, shipping calendar restrictions, and integration with their shipping networks.

Results: A customized e-commerce shop with powerful conversion and content strategies

Inov8lab developed a user interface that made the website extremely simple and intuitive to navigate. The store gives customers the ability to select different products for overnight shipment, plus an “up sell” option to add small items to their order at checkout.