Ecommerce Company

Massage Gun Pro

About is a trade company with a one stop shop ecommerce store. They sell massage guns. They focus on bringing the hottest merchandise at an affordable price with reliable quality.


What we achieved

Simply put – in just three months, the Inov8lab SEO campaign gave the digital and SEO presence it needed to successfully enter the U.S. market – especially in a hotspot like San Francisco. When Brett finds something that his competitors are doing that he thinks will help, the Inov8lab team is always quick to respond and make the changes so is always on the top of its SEO game.

For, Inov8lab was focused on getting the fundamentals right. It was important to them to invest in SEO as a high priority. Brett, like Inov8lab, knows that SEO has the potential to have a huge return on investment. By continuing to partner with Inov8lab he knows that his marketing dollars are well spent because Inov8lab uses data and in depth analysis to determine every aspect of the SEO strategy. Instead of a boilerplate strategy given to every client, every aspect of Inov8lab SEO is tailored to the individual company, its industry, and the SEO goals which is why Inov8lab clients continue to be successful month after month.


In just three months saw a 55% increase in unbranded keyword clicks, a 33% increase in goal completions, and gained 1,491 target keyword positions. Not bad for a small business just entering a major new market.